There are many good websites where you can study the Bible, learn from great teachers and find various other tools to assist your study.  Here are a few that we recommend:

The English Standard Version is one of the best contemporary English translations of the Bible.  The website above provides an excellent online venue for reading God’s Word as well as making notes, highlighting and other ways of improving your study.

The Gospel Coalition is a group of Reformed and Evangelical pastors, scholars and laity that have come together to create a ministry network and offer some of the best available online material.  The website contains some of the internet’s best Christian blogs, as well as hours and hours of audio and video sermons and lectures from leading Christian scholars and pastors to help you grow in Christ.

Ke Mu Shen

This is the Mandarin website for Desiring God Ministries. It gives access to sermons, articles and more in simplified Mandarin. has a ton of resources from devotionals, to audio and video sermons, to all sorts of tools to assist in your daily Bible studies. They also have many resources in Chinese.

As with any website on the internet, we at Covenant Baptist Church may not be in perfect agreement with everything presented on these pages (especially in regards to advertisements and other metadata generated content). In all things, be sure to use discernment.