1. We care about you and people just like you. We believe very firmly that God in Jesus Christ has provided a way of salvation for everyone who would trust him. Therefore, we believe that if you simply trust in Jesus Christ you can have a renewed relationship with God and other people.

2. We care about your life. Since Jesus Christ is Lord of everything, we believe it should affect the way you live at home, the way you do your job, your friendships and every other area of life.

3. We care about our world. We’ve been blessed to be given life in God’s Creation. The Bible teaches that from the beginning, humans are held responsible for how they maintain God’s Creation. Therefore, we have a responsibility to live in a way that benefits and blesses Creation.

4. We care about others. We live in a world with poverty, injustice, unnecessary illness, corrupted business practices and all other sorts of things that result from a fallen world. Basing our lives on God’s Word, we know that we must be willing to give and do everything we can to bring an end to these factors in the world that go against God’s vision for His Creation.